James Vincent Group

Consulting Services

Growth Strategies

Our team of highly trained accounting and finance professionals will work closely with you and your team to develop and enhance strategies that provide long term financial sustainability, growth and sustained profitability.

CFO Consulting & Support

Our CFO services help our clients overcome the financial and strategic challenges that affect their business in a way that’s efficient and cost effective. We provide support to our clients in all aspects of strategic and financial management and help them not only set and manage short, mid and long term goals but also achieve them. We are in constant communication with our clients and their designated team, enabling us to respond quickly to changes in their environment.


JVG provides consistent analysis of your financial performance using comparisons to historic data, comparisons to specific goals and comparisons to key industry indicators. Providing our consulting services allows our clients to capitalize on positive trends, minimize any negative trends and ultimately make decision using timely and reliable information.

JVG works collaboratively with our clients and their team to provide a detailed analysis of finance, accounting and internal controls to identify any concerns in the current system and develop best-fit recommendations that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. Our recommendations are tailored to the unique environment and will provide recommended best practices based on industry standards and generally accepted accounting principles.