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EMS organizations and municipal organizations continually strive to provide the highest level of EMS and Medical transportation services to the community they serve in the most efficient and effective way possible. This becomes difficult in the complex and volatile EMS and Medical Transportation services environment.

In each of our EMS and Medical Transportation projects our teams experience is based around three main areas of focus – Fire, EMS and Finance. This multifaceted approach allows our consultants to be paired with our clients relevant department. Each consultant brings a wealth of knowledge from their individual careers and, as a team, provides an unrivaled amount of proficiency to assist each client. Our experience has shown that close collaboration between our team and the client create an environment most conducive for success. To help drive this collaboration, our team of consultants will communicate with our client’s leadership throughout the process.  We will help guide decisions, identify priorities for the initiative, and can help build and maintain support for the project.

By working with the JVG team you will be provided with a comprehensive review of the options for cost-effective approaches that increase levels of service, financial stability, workforce efficiency and reliability.  JVG enables our clients to examine their options with reliable and independent information.