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Tax & Accounting

Our clients include individuals, partnerships, not-for-profit entities, small businesses, and large corporations across a variety of industries. We strive to keep your business ahead of the game by acknowledging the unique situations surrounding each business and by being mindful of the competitive and economic trends that directly impact your business.


JVG's accurate and insightful financial information and guidance helps steer businesses big and small closer to their overall financial goals.



Maintaining accurate books is critical for the success of your business. To this end, we offer a range of comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to keep your business running smoothly.


You don’t have to be a large company to benefit from having an outside payroll service. With today’s complex tax law changes and government-required reporting procedures, payroll processing can bring unanticipated problems.
We offer flexible solutions that are accurate, timely, secure, and reliable.



We prepare tax returns for a broad range of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Because we know you need more guidance than you can get from meeting with a CPA one time a year, we take a proactive, relationship-driven approach in providing you with valuable tax planning strategies and tax compliance consulting all year long.